For well over a decade strong now, The Corner Pug, located on 1046 New Britain Avenue, has been a destination for classic comfort food in Elmwood, CT. Opened in 2001 by Ted Vetter, The Pug has received countless rave reviews and accolades from media and local residents alike.

So what’s in a name, you may ask? The Corner Pug, previously called The Corner Pub, was the name chosen by owner Ted Vetter as a play on words. Vetter, an avid pug owner, decided to give the Pub a theme. His pug, Mac (short for Macaroon), became the loyal mascot of The Corner Pug. Mac not only graced the front cover of the menu, but also had his name attached to several of the restaurant’s items.

Upon entering The Pug, there are two large chalk boards on each side of the restaurant that prominently display the nightly specials offered. 

Patrick Rogers has recently been promoted to the position of Chef. Pat brings over fifteen years of quality experience. Previous assignments have been with Jasper White's Summer Shack in both Connecticut and Cambridge, a stint as kitchen manager at The Cheesecake Factory and at Craft Steak House located at Foxwoods. Look for more innovative specials, seafood items and small plates from Patrick's repertoire!